WWE Monday Night Raw recap – March 5, 2012

It’s Tuesday, which can only mean one thing: Weekly Monday Night Raw recaps at UGO.com!

I’m really pleased with both how my Good, Bad & Ugly columns have developed, as well as the great comments we get every week. It’s not just comments actually – it’s well-thought out, informed discussion, which, as I’m sure you’re well-aware, is pretty hard to come by on the internet (or in real life, for that matter). Trouble is, we’re in danger of losing that.

See, Lords of Pain, which used to give our wrestling articles links on their homepage is, for reasons that are unimportant and too complicated to get into, no longer doing so. A huge part of our readership came in through that link, and depended on it to tell them when a new Good, Bad & Ugly or Straight Shoot was up for them to read and comment on. So, if you came here via my Twitter, please make sure to retweet my regular plugs of wrestling articles, and if you came here via Google or Facebook, make sure to follow me on Twitter, as it’s the best, most efficient way for you to find out what your favorite wrestling writer is up to. And if you want an easy way to check in on the latest Raw recaps without having to slog through Google searches, bookmark the UGO Raw Recap landing page now.

Again, with the Lords of Pain link gone, we need your help to make sure everyone can find our ongoing wrestling conversation, so PLEASE: Tweet the link, like the story on Facebook, email it to your friends, mention it on message boards and even link to us from your own personal blog. Most of all, please keep commenting on the articles themselves and fostering legit, intelligent conversation about the awesome male soap opera that is professional wrestling.


WWE Monday Night Raw recap – March 5, 2012

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